Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire On-Property Collateral


Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire


To design a visual platform that will encapsulate the property's distinctive countryside charm, and bring cohesiveness to all digital and printed communications to ensure an engaging Four Seasons brand experience.


Branding & Graphic Design


In redesigning this Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts experience, our vision was to bring the 18th-century manor to the forefront. This endeavor began with the creation of a custom collection of illustrations, each thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of the hotel's sprawling 500-acre estate. Our design strategy embraced a lavish, maximalist style that was rich in detail; while simultaneously infusing elements of minimalism to create a duality that balanced opulence with understated elegance. This approach artfully spotlighted what the property has always been celebrated for – a blend of historical elegance and modern luxury service.

Beautiful photography picnic displaying the On-Property Collateral

Inspired by the elegance of heritage brands such as Hermès and Holland & Holland, the visual platform drew heavily from the hotel's intricate interiors and the equestrian themes.

The rejuvenated visual platform achieved a seamless integration across all guest touchpoints, immersing them in a narrative that was authentic to the Hotel experience. It not only redefined their collateral but also complemented the property's distinctively English interior design.

Beautiful photo of Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire in room collateral
Beautiful photo in Orange Tea, together with the On-Property Collateral
Beautiful Orange Cards displayed in line
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Beautiful photo of the blue collateral on the left with a blue background in the right.
Beautiful photo of showcasing the yellow collateral of Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire On-Property Collateral