MaRS Impact Week 2020


MaRS Discovery District


To develop an event brand for MaRS Discovery District's inaugural Impact Week which brings together the world-leading innovators for the purpose of creating positive change.


Event Branding


As the most important event held by MaRS Discovery District, Impact Week needed to adapt quickly to an online platform after the COVID-19 pandemic to accommodate for the over 5,000+ attendees. We knew this event needed to capture the spirit of MaRS Discovery District so to dial it up a notch, our team introduced motion and video experiences with thought-provoking visuals to highlight the complex themes covered across all the three streams (social finance, clean tech and innovation) in an interesting way. The overall conference brand was unmistakably MaRS yet still adaptive for the organization to continue using for the 2020 event and beyond.

MaRS Impact Week 2020 Conference Tri-Fold Agenda showing the daily schedule among the three sections of the event—Impact, Cleantech, and Social Finance—using the MaRS brand colour and brand assets.

Due to the breadth of the event, careful consideration was made to ensure the design was flexible to differentiate the three streams for SMART INFORMATION HIERARCHY, yet still maintained a cohesive conference brand.


Attendees over 5 days and 75 stages


Start-ups Featured


Event Production Assets Developed

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