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We know that running a company means that there are often competing priorities. Sometimes marketing, branding and design just isn't top of mind but it's definitely important. Regardless of what your needs are or what stage your business is at, we want to help. Design is our passion and we understand just how important it can be to building a good brand and marketing it to the world - after all, this is what we do best.

You might need help with everything from soup to nuts, a couple of items you're not quite sure of, or just small things here and there that you might not have time for! So from one business to another, let's just have a conversation to see how we can share some ideas and collaborate.

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Naming / Branding Positioning

Naming and branding differentiates your company from the rest. Not only does it tell the story of your business, but it determines how people will perceive you and what you'll be known for. It's important for your team to be proud of it, whether it's new or a rebrand.

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Pitch & Investor Deck

Before you showcase your business to the world, you might have to sell some ideas to get a few partners. Having a well-designed deck helps them understand your concept and get's them excited for what's to come. Ultimately, we want this deck to impress and bring in the right partners.

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Website Development / Ecommerce

In this day and age, a website is non-negotiable. Whether your company is service or product based, let's chat about what your website needs to achieve and what it needs to do for your consumers. We'll design a site that's not only functional but sustainable for the long-run.

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Social Media & Content Creation

Everyone knows how important social media can be but maintaining a strong social presence can be difficult and time-consuming. We'll work together to understand your marketing needs and audience to put together a marketing plan that will leverage these affordable platforms.

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Packaging & Product Launch

The primary purpose of packaging is to protect the contents but it also adds to the consumer experience. The same can be said about a product launch. This could be the make-it or break-it moment that determines whether a consumer will pick up your product!

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Marketing Materials

Brochures, buckslips and catalogues might not seem sexy but they still serve a necessary function. It is a form of communication for your company so regardless of its purpose, it needs to be understandable and make an impact with your consumers.

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