e11even Restaurant Rebrand


Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment


Originally tasked to update the menu holder design, our team saw an opportunity to refresh the e11even brand overall and reintroduce the restaurant to Toronto while paying homage to its decade long tenure as one of the city's staple restaurants.


Branding, Art Direction, Environmental & Market Campaign


Our focus for this project was to create renewed interest in e11even while embracing the intrigue of its name. To do so, we enriched the brand's existing narrative by introducing additional facets to the identity that mirrored its vibrant interior design enhancements. This was combined with vivid visuals, dynamic photography, and lively motion graphics, all focused on highlighting a celebratory atmosphere of the brand's personality. Extending this conversational tone across all the brand elements, this culminated with a website, signage, menus, and campaigns shared across Scotiabank Arena that showcases e11even's warm service and culinary appeal.

e11even: it's a number, a word and a placeA number much beloved by Canadians - there are 11 points on the our flag's maple leaf, 11 sides to the loonie and the clocks on our bills are set to 11 o'clock. 11 may be our lucky number but e11even is also a place and a time, to come together over a meal and drinks in good company. Join us, so we can share with you our 11 reasons why, dish 11 fun Canadiana facts, or let you in on our current 11 track playlist. Always accompanied by good food, and even better vibes.

Photography displaying e11even menus

In collaboration with their in-house design team and PR partners, we successfully crafted a brand that resonated with its established client base while appealing to a new generation of patrons.

Photo showcasing e11even business cards