Workhouse of Curiosities and Imagination


The Workhouse Inc.


A magical campaign that offers a glimpse into our life at The Workhouse


Illustration & Animation


After an unexpected year of on-and-off lockdowns in 2020, our team pooled our artistic talents to create an eclectic campaign that depicted our life at The Workhouse - a mix of creativity and organized chaos. Modelled after the magical holiday window displays, we unlocked our curiosities and imagination to design a larger-than-life mural for all to enjoy in the comforts of their home, to usher in a different holiday season. 

From the outline of the building to the shadows of the background and most importantly, the objects painted and animated, each element was meticulously selected to reflect our imaginarium. This labour of love invited our clients, partners and community that have influenced our work throughout the year to explore the meaning behind each hidden gem. 

We posted our masterpiece on social media over the last week of the winter solstice, unveiling the painting floor-by-floor to build anticipation. Animated instagram stories and curated playlists were matched with fun anecdotes to add to the magic which ultimately culminated in a beautiful microsite. A digital home for our mural to live on forever after a year like no other.

A view of our Mailchimp marketing campaign email encouraging users to check our the Workhouse's 2020 Holiday mural.