MKEY Web Development Rebrand


MKey Web Development


To design a brand identity that captures the personality of a group of talented web developers passionate about building effective digital applications alongside agencies and clients.


Naming, Branding & Motion Design


With 5 equal partners, our team focused on building a brand identity that reflected the synergy of the group. Already successful for many years, we chose to evolve the name only, and introduce a visual system that their existing clients could find relatable to their persona. Because they worked closely with agencies, we did feel challenged to create a brand that was more of an art form. This is how we landed with the MKEY - a light-hearted and bold visual expression of the work they do.

Our partnership with MKey has spanned a couple of years so we were well prepared to work on this branding exercise. Not only did we understand the team’s passion for building digital applications, we also knew their personalities well. They were a group of friends turned business partners that just loved web development. So the brand had to be just that: innovative to speak to their professional capabilities, and a touch of cool nerdiness for their enjoyment of code.

As a partner, we often saw what MKEY did as a form of art. We introduced bold colours and leaned into the use of the ASCII characters to build visuals - and we knew the team would know exactly how to execute on this. Our goal was to make this brand be a means of expressing how MKEY is able to develop aesthetic solutions through their capabilities.

A phone showcasing the MKEY website
Hand holding a futuristic Business Card with the MKEY Logo