The Matheson Healdsburg


The Matheson Healdsburg


To create a cohesive brand identity that reflects their commitment to sustainability and locally-sourced ingredients all culminating in a unforgettable dining experience.


Logos, Branding, Website, Menus, Print Collateral, Social Media Content


Our team challenged ourselves to create a brand that would not only speak to the restaurant experience, but tell the story on The Matheson's impact on the surrounding community. High-spirited, welcoming and knowledgeable, the brand needed to embody the entire hospitality experience of Healdsburg. With a classic logo, we built a graphic language that reflected the Sonoma landscape, its history and people. From there, we worked with the team to apply the brand through all aspects of the business from environment and digital to print, building brand equity for years to come.

The Matheson bears the responsibility of being a conduit for the stories of Healdsburg’s people, history, and landscape. It is here to give the makers’ and growers’ a louder voice through the visual grounding of this concept. Like a personal journal, notebook, or napkin sketch, we honor the creative process of each artisan to form a collection of their expressions of joy. The knowledge and inspiration for their craft is celebrated in gestural and abstract ways through this artful take.

The Matheson Healdsburg white restaurant exterior with dark metal signage.
A cheese board with The Matheson tasting menu attached on the front and The Matheson logo embedded in the back.
A plate of food with a chef positioning each element to perfection.
A Roof 106 branded postcard with watercolours branches and bees placed on a plate with a table setting
A couple business cards placed on the a table with some wheat on a stalk

The Matheson is a restaurant and a rooftop lounge that welcomes all to the best of Healdsburg agriculture, craft, and community.

The translation of The Matheson brand across the various platforms is where we see the designs come to life. From environmental graphics and print collateral, to digital assets such as the website and social media, the designs continued to reflect its dedication to craftsmanship. With many stories to discover, these platforms are the vehicle that spark natural interest for the brand to maintain constant engagement with their patrons.

A historical photograph of Healdsburg, Pomona, California
A historical photograph of marksmen returning with their haul of birds on the front of their primitive car.
The Matheson restaurant interior with tall ceilings and a long central table with wine glasses and table settings.