Four Seasons Los Angeles


Four Seasons Private Residences Los Angeles


To develop a suite of residential collateral for Four Seasons Private Residences Los Angeles, creating a cohesive collection of print communications that elevate the residential experience and leave 
a lasting impression.


Graphic Design


While designing these elevated touch-points, our vision was inspired by 
the raw and honest materials used in the residences. Using the science of haptics, the focus is on exploring the sensory contrast of textures and materials, such as smooth versus raw elements. Each compendium incorporates a nod to the marble materials—a pinnacle that brings 
a source of energy and a direct memento from the interior design concept into residents' homes.

Reflections can mean many things. The glistening of the water by the indulgence of the pool. Light hitting a plane of glass and dancing from the building. Lastly, that ephemeral moment in time where you find peace & introspection at home. Self-reflection is a grounding concept that connects us to our time and space. This concept brings to life the feeling invoked by reflections in an artful and abstracted way, which is depicted with the compendium’s acrylic casing.

Immerse in the allure of Four Seasons Los Angeles with this exclusive compendium, elegantly poised by a pool, embodying the serene luxury of 9000 W. 3rd St. LA, with a crisp white spine detailed in silver—a testament to sophistication and the iconic LA lifestyle.
Discover the chic sophistication of the Four Seasons Los Angeles compendium, with a side view revealing the harmonious blend of a marble motif and crisp, white elegance, reflecting LA’s refined taste and luxury living. Ideal for those seeking a touch of LA's design finesse in their collection.
Submerge into the tranquil beauty of Four Seasons Los Angeles with this captivating image of a crystal-clear compendium slipcase floating effortlessly in a sun-drenched pool, embodying the fluid elegance and serene ambiance of the quintessential LA retreat.
Bask in the sophisticated charm of the Four Seasons Los Angeles with this striking open compendium. Set against the backdrop of a shimmering pool, it captures LA's luxurious essence with its marble-inspired interior and sunlit, elegant exterior—a perfect blend of design and serenity for discerning tastes.
Step into the curated elegance of Four Seasons Los Angeles through this captivating collection of brochure spreads, artfully arranged and bathed in natural light. Each page invites you into a world of luxury with intimate photography and thoughtful prose, embodying LA’s sophisticated lifestyle.
Dive into the essence of the Four Seasons Los Angeles with this visually stunning open compendium by the poolside. The contrast of crisp white pages against the ripple of azure waters captures a serene yet vibrant LA vibe, perfect for those who cherish luxury and relaxation.
Savor the essence of luxury dining with Four Seasons Los Angeles' menu, elegantly presented on a sleek grey plate against a backdrop of textured sand. This visual conveys the exquisite attention to detail and culinary excellence awaiting guests, perfect for gourmets seeking a taste of LA’s fine dining scene.
Experience elegance even on rainy days with the Four Seasons Los Angeles' bespoke umbrella. Its minimalist design, featuring a subtle gray gradient and the 'Reflections of LA' emblem, captures the hotel's luxurious essence, making it a must-have accessory for the style-conscious traveler.
Ascend to the skies with Four Seasons Los Angeles' elegant invitation, floating above a dreamlike reflection of clouds. The marble detailing on the cover marries with the ethereal backdrop, offering a taste of the exclusive events that define the LA luxury lifestyle at its finest.
Beautiful immersed Four Seasons Los Angeles postcard, with marbles in the background.