Sensei Porcupine Creek


Sensei Wellbeing Retreats


Working with renowned experts, Sensei is a five-star luxury wellness resort that focuses on evidence-led approaches to wellbeing that are centred around three practices: move, nourish and rest. Our studio was tasked to design all collateral – from the initial awareness touch point to the post-stay check-in. Part of this ask was an important component, a bespoke parting gift for VIP and loyal guests of Sensei. This gift needed to not only capture the essence of the brand, but also be a reminder of their experience and learnings at Porcupine Creek.


Strategy, concept, gifting & experiential 
design, collateral, packaging


Guests that stay at Sensei properties tend to be high net-worth, results-driven individuals looking for a relaxing retreat. Keeping in mind this demographic, we understood that they would most likely already have products, gadgets, and apps to help them optimize their busy lifestyles. Our solution instead focused on mindfulness and selfcare, key pillars at the heart of the Sensei philosophy.

It wasn't finances, or necessarily energy that was most important to our target audience. It was time, the most precious resource of all, that set the intention for this gift, as it could be applicable to various facets of their life, regardless of age, gender or background. 

In reimagining the on-property collateral for Sensei Porcupine Creek, our approach was guided by the profound essence of the journey. Sensei Porcupine Creek stands as a serene sanctuary for those seeking alignment and connection within their continuous journey of wellbeing.

The Sensei experience embraces the journey versus the destination, encouraging us to simply be present in our authentic selves at this moment on our unique paths. Recognizing our shared humanity, with its blend of imperfections and perfections, Sensei resonates with the diverse perspectives of the guests and their individual interpretations of wellbeing.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Sensei Porcupine Creek. The artwork features a serene landscape scene with vibrant greenery, a tranquil pond, and majestic mountains in the distance, evoking a sense of calm and natural beauty. The focal point is a gracefully crafted pagoda-style building, exuding elegance and Zen-like simplicity. This captivating image invites viewers to explore the harmony of nature and architecture, making it perfect for those seeking inspiration for wellness retreats, travel destinations, or serene lifestyle content.

This curated collection of collateral evokes a sense of tranquility 
and serenity, mirroring the intentional transformation of the estate into a retreat. The design intentionally breaks rigidity and perfection, inviting individuals to discover beauty throughout their personal journeys. The visual aesthetic challenges austerity and leans into the organic and minimal, conveying more with less. Incorporating handcrafted production elements such as Japanese stitching, raw edges, and foil stamping, we are reminded that, like these bespoke details, no two objects or individual pathways are identical.

Enhance your workout routine with the dynamic visual of Sensei's resistance bands in action. This image captures the essence of strength and flexibility, featuring a black and white photograph of an individual in a yoga pose, their form and focus emphasized against a serene, light-filled room. Below the photo, the text reinforces the theme of movement and stabilization, promoting the use of Sensei's elegantly crafted resistance bands. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts, this image promotes a lifestyle of health, balance, and mindful exercise.
Capture the essence of time and mindfulness with Sensei's elegantly packaged journal, complemented by the serene gesture of an hourglass in hand. This image features a person's hand tilting a clear hourglass, with its sand nearly depleted, against the backdrop of a luxuriously textured grey linen book cover. The book, marked with the Sensei logo and delicate line art of an hourglass, signifies the brand's dedication to moments of reflection and the preciousness of time. Ideal for brands promoting contemplation, time management, or personal development, this photograph is a visual metaphor for the value of pausing to absorb the present.
Embrace the art of mindful living with this serene image of the 'Hourglass of Intention' by Sensei, set against a backdrop of soft shadows and a bamboo plant's slender foliage. The photograph captures a tranquil corner that reflects on the importance of time and the practice of intention setting. Accompanied by a thoughtful description of the hourglass's purpose to facilitate mindfulness and focus, this image is perfect for those seeking to inspire a dedicated space for reflection, habit formation, and self-care rituals in their daily lives.
Delve into self-discovery with the Sensei 'NOURISH' card game, a thoughtfully designed tool aimed at fostering meaningful conversations and personal insight. This image shows the elegant box of cards, neatly organized in three distinct stacks, alongside an array of individual cards with introspective prompts that challenge players to reflect and share. The minimalist design with soft colors against a textured background emphasizes the game's purposeful nature. Ideal for team-building activities, therapy sessions, or personal development workshops, this image captures the essence of the game's intent to connect and enrich the human experience.
Unveil the clarity of thoughts and emotions with Sensei's sophisticated journal, a tool designed to foster a mindful practice. This image features the journal open to a page with a Venn diagram titled 'THE HEAD' and 'THE HEART', encouraging the integration of intellect and emotion. Accompanied by a pen, the layout invites users to explore self-reflection, track patterns in health, and acknowledge feelings for improved mood and perspective. Ideal for mental health awareness campaigns, wellness programs, or personal development initiatives, this image captures the essence of mindful journaling as a path to balance and self-awareness.
Sensei Porcupine Creek Envelope